Monday, 9 September 2013

Prophets of Saturn - Prophets of Saturn (2013)

Prophets of Saturn is the self-titled debut album by this English, psychadelic doom band. Recording it onto 1" tape gives this album a warm and fuzzy sound that just begs to be turned up loud, and when you do, oh my is there a lot of bass! Stomping stoner riffs cut through the haze and pull you into the prophetic visions conjured by this four-piece. A couple ambient fuzz and feedback sections are incorporated to great effect, building tension before the riffs return. Most of the songs appear to based around the repetition of a central riff, winding its way through the fog a fulfilling destination.

The opener, Belief in Magick is probably the best track on the album, but no track lets the album down at all. My only criticism is that the album is not quite long enough, at 33.51. That's pretty short for a doom album, but hopefully there is more to come from an exciting new band.

Prophets of Saturn are not quite heirs to Electric Wizard's throne, but they should certainly expect an invite to court.

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