Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Machinergy - Sounds Evolution (2014)

Sounds Evolution is Machinergy's second full-length, and the Portuguese three-piece have produced one hell of thrashy beast!

Singer (and guitarist) Rui Vieira has a vocal style that seems to mix the styles of early Fear Factory with mid-era Prong, producing an aggressive but forlorn sound that complements the industrial feel extremely well. The guitar work is very technically accomplished without being too technical, leading to fast and brutal songs that have great hooks.

The industrial elements are limited to samples and intros (such as in the excellent track Venomith) and imagery rather than musical content, leaving the album as a rather stripped-back thrash affair. There is the occasional melodic death element, and I can hear some Metallica and even Machine Head influences! The riffing is therefore varied enough to keep the listener's interest throughout.

Carne & Mal has some great riffs and a neat retro groove section, Cado Falso has some excellent lyrics that will speak to fans of Testament, and Waterwar (great title!) has a solo that definitely needs to be witnessed to be believed!

Machinergy have managed to pack a lot of vintage thrash into a modern album, aided by the mixing which is slightly bass-light, and an excellent drum recording. If I had one criticism, it is that the vocals lack body. There are times where they could have been brought to the front of the mix more, giving them the room they deserve, powerful as they are.

Portugal is not known as a place to find great thrash, but give Machinergy a chance and you may just find your new favourite band.

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