Sunday, 23 June 2013

Inside the Sun - Demo (2013)

Insidethsun are a creative three-piece from California, USA who pump out fuzzy riffs in a modern stoner style. So far, their only output has been this 2-track demo and a single track, entitled 'Lich' (which is well worth a listen), but do not mistake lack of quantity for lack of quality. This demo is well recorded, with a beefy and hazy sound in the vain of Down or Electric Wizard. The riffs are energetic, progressing through the songs in a focused way. The first song 'Smoke Creep' starts with a cool 70s lick, then launches into some agressive riffs. The vocals are growled with menace and used sparingly, to give the tracks a jam session feel.

This band have the makings of something special, and I await their next release with excitement!

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