Monday, 24 June 2013

From the Vastland - Kamarikan (2013)

One-man Iranian black metal band From the Vastland has produced an exceptional work with Kamarikan. This follow-up to 2011's debut Darkness vs. Light, The Perpetual Battle has sole member Sina on top form in producing some brutal riffs and atmosphere. The album kicks off at pace with The Ahriman Wizard, featuring some classic black metal arpeggio work, with some creative drumming that lends plenty of originality to a song that might otherwise sound rather like Marduk. Mind you, standing alongside the mighty Marduk as a one-man band is no mean feat! The second track, Call of the Mountain Battle, has an unusual start, with deep murmuring voices, before an unholy demon of a riff blasts into action. The song alternates slow and fast passages to build tension.

The album continues in a similar vein throughout, with some interesting spoken passages and acoustic noodling providing contrast with the intense blastbeats and arpeggios. The final two tracks stand out somewhat, with the brutality of Realm of Cadaver Sovereign all too apparent after the earlier mellow passages, and the closing song is a fast and mesmerising one, reminiscent of Moonblood.

Check it out now! Out on Indie Recordings.

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