Monday, 15 August 2016

Lucifer's Fall - Fuck You We're Lucifer's Fall (2015)

Lucifer's Fall hail from Australia, which is a country producing a lot of great doom recently (see my Lizzard Wizzard review for another example). Lucifer's Fall write doom the way it was always intended to be: heavy and powerful.

This three-track EP begins with Black Sabbath-esque riff that cuts through the silence like a gunshot in the wilderness. This opening song, Lost starts slow but quickly launches into a faster tempo that allows Phil Howlett to bellow epic lyrics until the song drops back into an abyss of doomy dissonance.

Salvation continues this theme, with a sludgy intro that gives way to a stoner-doom feel with ear-melting, repetitive chords interspersed with canny hooks. Howlett's voice gets as low as I've ever heard it and he sounds resolutely fierce.

Finally we get to the title track, and wow, I'll be damned if it's not impossible to resist headbanging to it! It starts with a machine-gun riff that harks back to Motorhead. The body of the song has tremendous shifts of urgency that propel the song to its crescendoes of 'bringing doom and death to you all... fuck you, we're Lucifer's Fall' and a classic heavy metal solo. This is the most rock 'n' roll Lucifer's Fall have ever been, and it's fantastic.

The band have just released a compilation of demo and rehearsal recordings in advance of their next album, which promises to be ridiculously heavy if this EP and those tracks are anything to go by. Available from

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  1. Also available in CD, released through the spanish label Topillo Records.