Sunday, 7 August 2016

Royyy - Royyy (2015)

Royyy are an instrumental 3 piece from Essex, UK, that serve up some of the most headbanging doom rock I've heard in a long time.

Their debut offerring, simply titled Royyy, is one track after another of seamless worship of the riff. The band clearly enjoy their craft, as you'll discover if you watch them live, set up in a circle, and their tracks ooze personality - no mean feat given that they have no singer.

The record (is it an album or an EP? I think the line between the two is blurred these days) has so many great parts, it's hard to know where to start. The bass and guitar harmonise perfectly and the riffs are superbly crafted. Mirroyyyed and There's no Such Thing as Soft Metal are heavy and groovy, with more crunch than a family-size bag of potato chips. More subtle moments are to be had... actually, hardly anywhere: this is a heavy band, and I'll be damned if they don't pack a ton of riffs into a relatively confined space, without it ever sounding incoherent.

Mad Mary is probably my favourite track, with oodles of fuzz, flange effects and wonderful, almost funky bass playing. The drums are perfect, driving the track along mercilessly.

If you get to see Royyy live, do, as they are tremendous fun, but until then, savour this meal of delicious riffs. Hats off to you, Royyy, as I never knew doom could be this fun!

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